Safe By 3D Systems

Secure Payments on car rental

3D that is encrypted payment is a payment system developed by Visa and Mastercard for increasing the security of card transactions carried out electronically.
Both merchants and the card will be secured against fraud With this system, they have both cards . During payment with 3D bank , the cardholder makes willingly password authentication credentials . Thus, the system of people who do not know the password that prevents unauthorized people from taking action .
  • Am I safe when booking by credit card? uses the latest technology and the best service providers for your safety in the reservations made by credit card. Enter your personal information on each page you are under a key of your browser. This switch is a sign that appear by third parties of any information you send to your browser . Also; high safety standards on all reservations made on our website are valid. EV SSL Security Certificate McAfee Secure / PCI Compliance and 3D Secure services through our site without risking your safety , you can freely hire vehicle

  • Do I need a credit card security control?
    The security of your personal information is one of the most important issues for us. Therefore, during rezrvasyon sometimes you make with a credit card from a bank may be asked to confirm your request orally . In such a case , your bank , you reach your registered information and get confirmation on the phone. To do this , do not öneririz.unut you keep your personal information stored in your bank ! You booked your phone number can not be reached during security check can be canceled .'y members must verify that the phone number you provide while . Because for all kinds of information about your reservation e- mail address and telephone number are used.
  • What is 3D Secure ?
    3D Secure is an authentication system developed online by credit card companies to ensure the safety of the booking. Password, credit card purchases made through the Internet known as the assertion . Visa application used for Credit Card "Verified by Visa" and for MasterCard "SecureCode " is called .
    3D Secure is why safe?
    Bookings made with 3D Secure system to be valid ; The transactions made with the card , you will need to approve the payment of a special password given by the bank itself . Even if your credit card number is known by others , you can make your password safe shopping on the internet is just the first .
  • How are things in 3D Secure?
    For bookings made at online bank that your credit card
    If this support system can make your payment with 3D Secure.
    • For your safety, confirm transaction "password-A (3D Secure)" and we recommend that you perform.
    • To become 3D defined your credit card, you must be registered GSM updated your information in the bank.
    • Business Bank, Garanti, Yapi Kredi, HSBC, Finansbank and Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) for payments made with credit cards "to confirm a password (3D Secure)" appears on the order confirmation page.
    • For tasks you perform 3D Secure to "Confirm Order" in the middle of the page pop-up screen it is the screen of your bank. The purpose of your screen to enter the password information to the Bank, the password is to ensure your safety
    • If you have not already done the 3D description of your credit card, your registration process in the first place and your bank, your card is ready display 3D processing.
    • "Password-Confirm (3D Secure)" and click the button. If your transaction takes place without any passwords asked; Your credit card is not yet say 3D compatible. But the things you do in this situation will also have a 3D feature.
    • If you have problems in the confirmation screen with 3D Secure identification or a bank, other "Confirm Reservation" you can perform by clicking the button.
    • If your card is 3D-defined, often after booking you made your payment details over the internet, which is sent via SMS to your GSM number registered with your bank. Thus, in the case of unauthorized use of your credit card information and it will be able to immediately prevent a possible victimization
    • To confirm your reservation you perform your procedure in 3D Secure password to, your booking will not wait in the security process and be approved as soon as possible.
    - How do I define the 3D Secure password ?
    Business Bank Credit Card is not compatible 3D Secure system automatically opens and closes the password page . We recommend that you use a credit card that is compatible 3D Secure for your safety. The first operations with your compatible 3D Secure credit card system, the system will transfer you to the confirmation page bank identification code . From this page you can define your password after booking via 3D Secure internet shopping .


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